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My short story

I grew up in Salt Lake City at the base of the Wasatch Front. Near my house there was a trail that led directly up to the mountains. I was always enamored by the blue racer snakes & the blue belly lizards that so often were seen scampering around the nearby mountains & hills. Throughout my childhood & youth I searched for & found the best areas to catch these cool little critters. My siblings & I always had some glass terrariums where we housed & fed them. Since then I have always looked for opportunities to find, catch, & release snakes & lizards in the wild. This is how I became a reptile lover. Fast forward about 20 + years, I have continued that tradition with my three boys. We have seen & enjoyed reptiles from many different parts of the United States. Several years ago I went with my boys to visit scales and tales in Salt Lake City. That is where I became fascinated with the ball python; how cool they look, their milder nature & their manageable size for pet owners. Most of all, as I learned more about this amazing species I was fascinated with all the awesome designer genetic color & pattern combinations that were being created. That’s where my journey began. Now after a few years of hard work raising, top tier, hand picked, breeding stock; we have now produced several very nice, healthy baby ball python combinations with many more to come. Please check in with my web site once in a while and see what else is new! Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions, comments or ideas.

-Joe Nelson, owner | Fireball Pythons

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